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Updated April 27, 2010

Queen Street Outreach Society, (QSOS), was a non-profit organization run by and for people who receieved 'mental health system' services. The QSOS is no longer funded (see QSOS for more information). This website is maintained by one of its former coordinators. (email)

Community Treatment Orders update.

Legal rights and rules for users of mental health services in Ontario, Canada.

See readings, links, recovery, and user feedback to the Ministry.

Our Goals

QSOS was set up to provide information, education, and training for (and by) people who experience (or experienced) the mental health system.

QSOS encouraged discussion and debate on key issues facing our membership. We hoped to help an emerging 'mad' culture to communicate within the sanestream.

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web searchers: the domain name qsos.ca was bought by a web 'squatter', someone not involved with the Queen Street Outreach Society or Patients Council, so the QSOS website has been transferred here to the domain qsos.cc and all content restored while negotiations for retrieving qsos.ca continue.